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I’ve been a technology entrepreneur my entire career. I’ve built companies, invested in others and been fortunate enough even to exit from a few (both as an investor and an entrepreneur).

Whilst none of the companies I’ve been involved in have become unicorns and quite frankly most companies are never meant to be, a cornerstone to every business I’ve been involved in has been the pursuit (and hopefully eventual discovery) of product/market fit.

The term, coined, much to our delight and sometimes dismay, by Marc Andreessen, has morphed based on context to something that listening to startup entrepreneurs, angel investors…

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Why r/wallstreetbets deserves deeper thought and why it’s important in ways you wouldn’t think

If you’ve been following the financial world lately, you couldn’t have missed the single most talked about (and important!) phenomenon that’s filled headlines, half-time shows and analyst interviews for the entire past week.

Given that r/wallstreetbets or WSB for short, has already attracted close to 7 million members at the time of writing, perhaps you’ve even participated in what I can only boldly describe as the most important phenomenon in finance since the 2008 financial crisis. …

How acting on the wrong advice will kill your startup

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So you’ve decided to start a startup. You have an idea, perhaps you’ve even built an MVP. If you’re lucky, you’ve found a co-founder or two to start the journey with. You begin to seek out advice for the journey ahead. What to do, what to avoid? Should you try to raise capital? Should you bootstrap? How should you build a product?

Either way, there will be no shortage of voices, available both in person and online to dish out advice for you on your startup journey.

The Problem With Most Startup Advice

Startup advice, however, is not all created equal. In fact, most advice you…

The surprising way your startup changes after you have product/market fit

Product/market fit

Through my life as an early stage entrepreneur and technology investor I’ve been very fortunate. In both roles I’ve had the opportunity experience first hand the holy grail of early stage startups success; the sought after, yet ever so elusive product / market fit, discussed in a separate post here. Despite product/market fit taking much of the spotlight in the discussion around startups and growth companies and been spoken of by none other than Marc Andreessen as “the only thing that matters”, it’s important to recognize what comes after.

Achieving product/market fit is not the end. In fact, it’s barely…

Revieve has been selected as by Retail Week as a Finalist for the Tech Startup of the Year -competition, organized together with the Tech. powered by Retail Week -event in London, September 13th — 14th, 2017.

As part of the nomination, Revieve will be present at the Tech. powered by Retail Week event’s Discovery Zone as well as on stage competing against the other finalists.

We’re thrilled to be recognized as a Finalist for the Tech Startup of the Year Competition, explains Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen. …

Over the last few years, e-commerce has evolved from a supporting act into a leading role. Retailers globally are looking for e-commerce to drive their future growth. As a part of this effort, retailers are realizing the benefits of providing an exceptional customer experience for their online shoppers.

Coupled with the 21st century shopper, who no longer enjoys an abundance of time to spend on shopping activities, the importance of providing an online customer experience that saves the time of shoppers has become more important than ever.

The maturation of existing technologies, including computer-vision, has provided retailers with the possibility…

Let’s face it. The conversion number (shoppers vs buyers) for your e-commerce site sucks. Amazon (excluding Amazon Prime) gets a 14% conversion. You’re likely getting nothing of the sort. Even if you consider your conversion “better than average”, lets say 7%, that means 93 out of every 100 people who come to your e-commerce store don’t buy anything.

If you as an e-commerce executive are honest with yourself, there is no way to be happy with that figure. There’s no way that when you speak with your CEO and you tell him that you had 100 people who walked into…

E-commerce retailers are working hard to provide their entire product inventory available for online shoppers. As they should. There is no excuse not having your entire inventory available online. In fact, if anything, you should have a larger product selection available online than you do in your physical stores.

The natural assumption behind having a large selection of products available in your e-commerce store is that it should lead to more revenue from e-commerce and a better conversion rate.

Unfortunately, this assumption bypasses a critical point. The amount of alternatives available to shoppers in e-commerce stores creates choice-paralysis. …

Beauty is one of the most attractive e-commerce markets today.

As consumer preferences shift and beauty-buying online heats up, many e-commerce retailers are striving to stay competitive and retain market-share.

To do that, e-commerce retailers need to answer one fundamental question: What do beauty-buyers look for online?

Is it enough to have a broad range of inventory, tutorials and product reviews? Perhaps you should have celebrities endorsing your offering? Or is something else required? What is it that keeps beauty-buyers coming back to the same e-commerce site time and time again?

The truth is, today beauty-buyers don’t return to the…

Guided-selling is a term that is being used for a variety of purposes in e-commerce. Often referred to as digital assistants, taking the form of chatbots or purpose-built digital experiences, guided-selling refers to the act of providing your shoppers with some form or proactive assistance, helping them navigate their way towards a purchase in your e-commerce store.

Guided-selling is nothing new. The act of guided-selling is what your in-store sales associates are undertaking each day in your physical stores when they interact with customers, listen to what customers are looking for and provide suggestions and proactive assistance in helping your…

Sampo Parkkinen

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder @RevieveInc, Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist @GorillaCapital. Writing about startups, growth and stock investing.

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